Birthdays FAQ

How far in advance do I need to book a birthday party?

Parties are scheduled on a first-come, first-serve basis and are subject to availability. For our Birthday Party Package, a $50 deposit is required at the time of booking. Call (318) 742-7529 to schedule your party, please note that emails requesting particular dates do not hold your date and time. If your party is canceled (for any reason), a cancellation fee will be applied and your refunded deposit will be reduced. If cancelled within 72 hours of your scheduled party, your entire deposit will be forfeited. (More information below on our cancellation policy.) 

Is a deposit required for a party?

Yes, at the time of reservation, a $50 deposit is required for our Birthday Party Package. Reservations cannot be made without a deposit. 

Will I get my deposit back?

Your deposit amount is taken off your total bill at the end of your party. 

Will I have our party room for the entire 2-hour party time?

Yes, parties are scheduled for 2 hours.  If you arrive late, we cannot guarantee you the 2 hour room time.  Your pizza and drink are scheduled to be delivered approximately 45 minutes after your scheduled party begins.

Does Party Central supply the birthday cake?

Birthday cake and candles are not provided by Party Central. Birthday cake is the only outside food item allowed into our facility with a prescheduled party. If you would like to add ice cream to your party, soft serve ice cream is available for purchase.

Does Party Central supply party plates, napkins, cups, etc.?

Party Central supplies basic, no theme paper goods, including plates, napkins and cups. If you would like themed party goods, you may bring your own.

Is there a cancellation fee if I cancel my party?

Birthday Party Package: Yes, a $15 cancellation fee is applied if your party is canceled for any reason. A 72 hour cancellation notice from the time and date of your scheduled party is required or your entire deposit is forfeited.

Can I rent a party without scheduling a party?

You may rent a party room if available for one hour.  If more time is needed, please consider a party during the week when longer room times are available.  Your deposit on a room only is nonrefundable if cancelled.

How long is my party?

Your party is scheduled for 2 hours.  If you arrive late, we cannot guarantee you the 2 hour room time.  Your pizza and drinks are scheduled to be delivered approximately 45 minutes after your scheduled party begins.

Does our scheduled party include invitations?

Party Central provides downloadable, print-ready invitations. Click here to download birthday party invitations. We do not print invitations for you.

How and when is the balance paid on a birthday party?

The balance of your party is paid at the time your pizza and drinks are delivered to your room.

When should we arrive for our party?

Please arrive at least 15 minutes before your scheduled party begins to review the information we have and order any extra food items, guests list questions, etc. The party will not begin and party guests will not be allowed in the designated play area until the person responsible for paying the bill is present.

Do I need to provide a guest list?

Yes, a guest list is required for our Employees to refer to while guests are arriving for your scheduled party. If a list is not provided, you may be charged for someone you may not have intended to be on the guest list.

What happens if I am late for my scheduled party?

We will do our best to accommodate you and your guests; however, our party rooms run on a strict schedule and your party may be asked to relocate to another location if available in our facility.  There are no exceptions for late arrivals.  Please arrive at least 15 minutes prior to your scheduled party so we can review your guest list, place any extra food orders, purchase ride tickets or wristbands, and answer any questions you may have.

When do I need to give a final guest count for my birthday party?

Birthday Party Package: Our party rooms comfortably accommodate 24 children. If your scheduled party exceeds that amount, please contact Party Central as soon as possible. If you need more room, you may consider scheduling an extra room for $50 to be certain you have enough space, especially if you will be expecting a large number of adults to attend. If your guest count does not exceed 24 children, it is not necessary to provide your guest count until the day of your party.

What are your birthday party packages?

Check out our birthday party packages here.

Can we bring a cake if we do not have a scheduled party?
No, birthday cakes are not allowed if you do not have a scheduled birthday party.
Is outside food allowed or can I bring any other food besides my birthday cake?

No, the ONLY outside food we allow is your child’s birthday cake, as long as prior arrangements have been made with our party office for a scheduled party. Any additional snacks, beverages, or food can or should be ordered when you check-in for your party.

Helpful Hints

For scheduled parties, please arrive at least 15 minutes before your party begins so we may review your guest list, order any additional food, answer questions and schedule additional activities for your party.

Bring a complete guest list whether your guests have RSVP’d or not.


When purchasing wristbands or ride tickets, please review rules and regulations for the attractions.  Most rides have strict height, age, and weight requirements.